Friday, July 1, 2011

Part 5 | Principals for a Successful Landing Page Design

It is important to get conversions for your business. This is the goal of all online businesses. It is important that you convince your visitors to take action. These actions can be any of the following;
-       Registering for your newsletter
-       Purchasing your goods or services
Although you might get traffic to your page daily, in order for your marketing strategy to be successful you have to get the conversions.
25 Principals for a Successful Landing Page Design
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21. Keep Your Page Neat
The focal point of your page should be the center. Make sure that all the important things such as text and graphics are centered. Do not use sidebars or videos. This will distract the viewer. Use large, bold text that is colorful as this will help it to stand out and draw the visitor’s attention to it. Make sure that it looks conform and has a call to action near the end. Having the proper flow will help to convert your traffic.

22. Make Sure the Links Work
Make sure that your page is compatible to all browsers. Check the site regularly for broken links. No matter how good your page is, sometimes glitches happen but if the links such as order now, do not work, you will not get the conversion and the potential buyer may look elsewhere. By checking buttons, order forms, shopping carts, etc to make sure that they are working properly, will help you gain sales.

Make sure the content appeals to your reader. Keep it simple and use bullet points to list the benefits. Spread out the content and make sure that the page is an easy read. It should flow properly, and make sure that all terms are clearly explained.

23. Make Your Forms Simple
Try not to ask for phone number as this will be a turn off. Many people simply do not fill out the forms because they do not want to be harassed by telemarketers. Either have multiple choice or perhaps just a name and an email sign up. This will make prospective customers more comfortable.

24. Conversion Options
Let your visitors know what they have to do by having your landing page simple and easy to navigate. Clear links, buttons, will keep them informed. The message should stand out clearly and links that lead the visitor to the conversion. Make sure that you leave many options for the person to convert easily. Options such as phone, email, chat, and so forth should be clearly displayed. This is known as a conversion funnel. Visualize how the funnel works and plan your landing page accordingly.

25. Know When to Use Short Copy vs. Long Copy
Determine when to use either short or long copy. There is no specific length to use. One must determine whether or not to use short or long copy, and if you are giving something away then a short copy is better. They don’t want to be stuck reading a lot of copy they are there for the freebie only. Big tickets items are generally a harder sell and therefore, you will have to go into a lot of detail in order to get them to purchase something. Big ticket items usually need some convincing in order to convert it to a sale.

Improve your conversion rate by tweaking your landing page. By doing so, you will convert your traffic by fifty percent. If you do not tweak your page, you will have to increase your advertising budget by 50 percent.

The Bottom Line?
Improve your landing page as much as you can and by doing so you will increase your profit margin. For example; Designer boots sell at $100 a pair and you get a 10% profit margin. So with traffic of 1000 visitors a day and typical 2% conversion, you sell 20 pairs a day and make $200 a day. If you apply these 25 principals, spend some time and money, and tweak your landing page, you can get 3% conversion. Then, with still a 1000 visitors a day, you sell 30 pairs and make $300! And keep on going! Then, you can apply best SEO principals to attract more visitors to the website.

Tweaking and testing your landing page is simple. Take some time to make sure that you do this and watch your profit climb.


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