Friday, July 1, 2011

Part 3 | 25 Principals for a Successful Landing Page Design

It is important to get conversions for your business. This is the goal of all online businesses. It is important that you convince your visitors to take action. These actions can be any of the following;
-       Registering for your newsletter
-       Purchasing your goods or services
Although you might get traffic to your page daily, in order for your marketing strategy to be successful you have to get the conversions. The goals of a good landing page will have to convince the visitor to stay long enough to fill out a form, provide personal details, read and buy your product or service.
25 Principals for a Successful Landing Page Design
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11. Focus on One Product
Focus on one product alone for your landing page. Remember that your potential visitor is looking for a specific thing. Make sure to stay focused on what you are marketing. You will get more conversions this way.

12. Super Simplicity
Do not use the latest in graphic effects. Simplicity rules the roost here. If you have lots of graphics and add-ons such as sound, it will take the page longer to load. Potential visitors will just be turned off instead of taking positive action towards converting to a customer. Simple and direct messages will attract their attention.

13. Build Their Trust
Be credible. Build trust between past and future conversions. Have some real testimonials displayed so that others can view the comments about your past work. Remember not to over do it though. If you have a product that needs to be purchased via a shopping cart, make sure that a graphic is displayed to show the security of the site and transaction. Let them know that their credit card information will not be used elsewhere.

14. Privacy
Have the strongest privacy policy available. Make sure that it is displayed prominently and is easy to understand. A graphic icon is a good way to show that their privacy is protected. Having this graphic and statement about your guarantee in regards to the importance of keeping their personal information secure, close to your calls to action will make them feel safe and secure.

15. Satisfy Your Customers
Offer a trial period for your customers a warranty and a refund. Another way to gain new clients is to offer free consultation. This way there is no risk of them losing money and those who purchase something, offer them a full refund if they are not completely satisfied. This way you are sure to gain conversions because you have decreased their risk of losing cash. Make sure that the policy and warranty is prominent on your page and this way they will be more than happy to take a chance.

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Improve your conversion rate by tweaking your landing page. By doing so, you will convert your traffic by fifty percent. If you do not tweak your page, you will have to increase your advertising budget by 50 percent.

The Bottom Line?
Improve your landing page as much as you can and by doing so you will increase your profit margin. For example; Designer boots sell at $100 a pair and you get a 10% profit margin. So with traffic of 1000 visitors a day and typical 2% conversion, you sell 20 pairs a day and make $200 a day. If you apply these 25 principals, spend some time and money, and tweak your landing page, you can get 3% conversion. Then, with still a 1000 visitors a day, you sell 30 pairs and make $300! And keep on going! Then, you can apply best SEO principals to attract more visitors to the website.

Tweaking and testing your landing page is simple. Take some time to make sure that you do this and watch your profit climb.


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